Saturday, January 7, 2012

What is the difference between shout, yell, and scream?

The emotions behind them are what makes them differ.  Here is the list order of aggression and emotion:

1. Shout:
Can either be friendly, or a slight aggressive manner of speaking. Loud to ensure attention, but still with a sense of self-respect.

2. Yell:
Aggressive, loud, and usually caused by anger.

3. Scream:
The epitome. Loudest, and used either when horror-struck, in fear, anger or hatred. No sense of self-conscience is present anymore, just screaming in order to gain attention/message across.
Can also be a reflex act.

In short:
  • One would not scream/yell above a crowd/over a distance to greet someone, but shout.
  • One would not yell out of surprise, but shout/scream, the latter being an act of reflex.
  • One would not yell/shout when one is attacked, but scream.
  • One would not scream at someone for a minor act lacking discipline, but shout.

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