Wednesday, January 3, 2007


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a novel for children. The main characters are Charlie Bucket and Mr. Willy Wonka. The setting—time and place—is inside a chocolate factory a long time ago.

Mr. Willy Wonka was a mysterious businessman. He was not very sociable, he did not have any friends. Because he was alone all the time, people thought he was an eccentric, a strange man.

Mr. Wonka had a chocolate factory. The factory looked frightening--like a haunted house. People believed there were ghosts inside. It was a big mistery.

 One day he made an announcement. People who found golden tickets inside the wrapper of Wonka chocolate bars would get a special prize: a unique tour of the factory by Mr. Wonka himself. There were only five tickets across the country. And, only one of them would get the factory when Mr. Wonka died.

For Charlie Bucket, this was a dream-come-true. He liked chocolate very much but he could only have it on his birthday. It was too expensive. His family was a far cry from being wealthy. One day, when he found a dollar bill in the street. He immediately bought two delicious Wonka chocolate bars. He ate one quickly. Then he unwrapped the second chocolate bar.

He was excited, very happy, to find a golden ticket. The next day, Charlie, along with the other winners (Mike, Verucca, Violet, and Augustus) entered the factory gates. They wanted to find out, about Mr. Wonka and his mysterious factory—it seemed to have many secrets. After the tour, they would never forget everything they saw.

Life would never be the same again for them, especially Charlie.

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