Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I’ll never forget the moment when I first met him. It was a fine evening and the streets were not as crowded as usual. Ayu and I were talking and enjoying our coffee and snacks at the El Diablo Coffee Shop. The place has always been a favorite place for us, members of Teater Ketjoeboeng. We like to sit together and exchange ideas there. It’s very cozy and the prices are reasonable. Last but not least, we have the freedom to sit and chat as long as we wish.

At the coffee shop that night, there were only Ayu and I. Neither of us was involved in the next play: “The Screaming Heart”. We had told Sasi, the scriptwriter, that we couldn’t participate. Actually, Sasi had offered us challenging roles, but we refused because we wanted to look for a permanent job. Surprisingly, Sasi didn’t get upset. She was very understanding. That evening the cast was rehearsing for the next play.

The next moment, Ayu was talking about how I should prepare myself for interviews. “You should kiss your ponytail goodbye and have your hair cut short, Sekar. It’ll make you look neat,” Ayu said. Suddenly, a shy good looking young man stepped in. Ayu and I looked at each other naughtily. Ayu whispered, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” I whispered back, “Of course.” Then we started to stare at the shy good-looking young man. Believe it or not, it worked. He was standing near the salad bar. Realizing that there were two girls staring at him, he started to blush and look awkward. He was very self-conscious. We wouldn’t stop staring at him until he got to the counter to get his coffee. It may sound strange but we burst into laughter when the guy spilled his coffee and dropped his cup. Ayu shouted, “Oh, poor baby!”
“Let mama clean your lovely shirt!” I yelled. Then we ran to the rest room and continued laughing. The shy good-looking guy paid his coffee and left the Coffee Shop.

Funnily enough, I met that shy good-looking guy again during my job interview the next morning. He interviewed me!

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