Friday, July 6, 2007


Ratih S. Jatmiko

Untaian Duka, Taburan Mutiara is a book worth buying because it is inspiring. It is an eye-opener to understanding autistic children. This book is unique as it provides insights of how people can be tolerant towards others. The writer, Dyah Puspita wrote this book to help parents of autistic children and to make them understand their children better. Ita—as her friends call her—is herself a single parent of an autistic boy. In the book, Ita talks about how she has brought up her autistic son, Ikhsan Priatama. Amidst all the stormy days she had gone through, she could still find many blessings. Despite all the bitterness she had to swallow, Ita thanked God for the chance to be able to give to and care for others. At the same time, she also was able to explore her capabilities in teaching, what she has learned from her experiences. This book is food for the soul. The price is quite affordable at only Rp 26,000 each.
Get the book here. Dapatkan bukunya di sini.

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