Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Love, My English, My Success

On Thursday, June 18, KBR 68H radio network, the U.S. Embassy, and LBPP-LIA launched a new radio drama program titled “My Love, My English, My Success!” The weekly 20-minute program will be broadcast in 52 episodes every Thursday from 8:40-9pm on 89.2 FM Green Radio Jakarta as part of the “Guru Kita” radio show.

“My Love, My English, My Success!” is the story of a young man named Samudra who has to move to Jakarta after the recent passing of his father. Being innnocent and inferior, he comes to Jakarta in fear and doubt. With his limited English, he can survive in Jakarta. However, his badly broken heart is helaed when he drowns himself in learning English. Withour realizing it, English heals his wounds. Finally, he realizes that if he wants to get ahead in life, learning English surely opens many chances in life. It is the key to succeed.

During the program, the characters speak a mixture of English and Indonesian and use basic, everyday vocabulary that is applicable to many different practical situations such as asking directions, travelling and having a telephone conversation. After each “drama” segment, listeners to the program will be encouraged to call in for an interactive quiz about the show during which they can win prizes, including a free English course from LBPP-LIA.

“My Love, My English, My Success!” is designed, written and starred by LBPP-LIA teachers, in conjunction with KBR radio announcers. This mini drama series is intended to be an accessible way to learn basic English phrases and vocabulary or as a practical supplement to an English course.

Given the tremendous demand for high-quality English language instruction, the U.S. Embassy is proud to sponsor free-to-air broadcast programs like “My Love, My English, My Success” that are designed to improve English language education for Indonesian students and adult learners.


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