Monday, April 12, 2010

How Was Your Long Weekend?

My story started with a vertigo attack on my way home on Thursday evening. I had to disappoint Ucan, an old friend whose sister happens to be my neighbor. (Sorry I couldn't meet you at your sisters'. Rain check, OK?) On Friday, I had to consume the fabulous duet--Merislon and Stugeron--after breakfast, and with a Panadol at the office, I managed to make significant progress with my ongoing project: jingles for Comet 2. Phew!

I spent the night evening with the sensation of spinning while my body was actually stationary.  In my sleep I dreamed of a stormy night on a pirate's ship.  Sleeping was quite hard to do.  My mom and husband blamed the cheese I ate. I didn't think it's fair the blame the cheese while the cheese has no power whatsoever to defend itself, ha ha!  I was actually looking forward to going on a trip with my writing mentor, WHS and fellow Semars but I tried to forget the idea.  I didn't think it was possible.  I was really disappointed.  As usual, to make myself feel better, I ate like a hungry rhinoceros. Oh, Allah, forgive me for my greed.

On Saturday, actually I wanted to rest at home but I couldn't disappoint my mom so I went with my family to a cousin's house where a family gathering was held.  Of course I didn't drive.  I still felt like I was having a seasick:  dizzy and nauseaus.  I tried to sleep in the car but I couldn't.  So I just closed my eyes and prayed oh, Allah, please forgive me.  Oh, Allah, if You do not allow me to go with Smartmendem to Sukabumi on Monday, I asked for sincerity.  And please give me the strength to be able to finish the translation job I got from Penerbit Granada. I surrender.

Thankfully, Sunday afternoon, "my world" stopped spinning and inclining. The throbbing headache was gone. What I felt was only hunger, hah!  So I made a glass of hot Milo and ate watery food.  After that, I worked hard to finish my translation. Praise Allah, at two in the morning the task was complete!  I was so happy.  At seven thirty I arrived at Menara Jamsostek to get together with the other Semars.  Our kind-hearted mentor drove us on his Avanza to a Sundanese restaurant called Bumbu Desa.  There, each of us was given the task predetermined by WHS:  adapting an episode of PPT 2 into a short story.  Everybody had a great time.  I couldn't finish mine but I promised him to email it ASAP. 

I was overwhelmed!  I had recovered, completed my translation, made my mom happy, and... I got the chance to draw knowledge from the WHS.  What a fruitful and joyful moment!  Ah, truly a happy ending.  What have I done to deserve this? *sobbing in gratitude*

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