Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Bad Day...


I’m Blacky. People say I’m a naughty dog because I like to chase people. I always feel happy when I can run after people and scare them. One day I saw a newspaper boy. He was riding a bike with a basket full of newspapers. I wanted to chase and frighten him. But then he looked at me and threw a stone. It missed. The stone hit a tree. I barked loudly and the boy was really scared. It was so much fun to see the boy afraid of me.

 So, I chased him really fast. He fell off his bike and into a ditch. The water was really dirty, full of waste from houses. I was really excited and barked at the boy even harder.

The boy screamed. His voice was really loud. Suddenly, an old lady came with a broom. I barked at her. But, she was not afraid at all. She took out a broom and beat me with it. She kept hitting me. It was so painful. My body hurt all over. From then on I never chased people again! I learned my lesson!



My name is Dipo. I’m a newspaper boy. I ride my bike to deliver newspapers. Every time I distribute morning papers, I see many dogs along the way. I like to tease them. I made fun of them by throwing stones, kicking or “barking”.

One morning, in front of a football field, I saw a big black dog behind me. I threw a stone at him but it missed. He chased me until I fell into a ditch. It was smelly from the garbage and waste. My leg hurt so I screamed.

Luckily, an old lady came to help me. She beat the dog with a broom. She helped me stand up. When I looked up, some girls were laughing at me. I didn’t want to look at them. My clothes were wet and full of dirt. I was so embarrassed. It was really a traumatic experience. I learned my lesson! I will never tease dogs again.

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