Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Magic of Sharing a Burden

Life is hard, indeed. That's why Allah gives us defence mechanism. Some people misunderstand my being happy-go-lucky as power of endurance. Many people have asked me how I manage not to whine. Hmm... they just don't know the dark side of me. I do whine. Many times. Just like most people, I'm a far cry from being tough. Even watching Dora The Explorer can make me shed a silly tear when I'm having my PMS and thinking how I should've been more careful with my pregnancy back then. Ah, well...

I want this little blog to be useful. Maybe that's why you haven't found any whining blog posts. I erased all those demotivating and uninspiring crap. I realize though, that whining and letting-off steam are two different things. But there is a really fine line between the two. I'm afraid that if I start with the latter, it will open the door to the first. What can I say? I'm still learning.

I also think that we should carefully choose people to whom we could share our burdens. And to anticipate our wrong judgement towards how people might react, we'd better not expect too much from them. I believe that the only one who can understand us is The Creator. It's not that I don't trust you, no, don't sulk please. You look like a naughty little monkey with your long face like that. What I'm saying is that there are some issues which are super-duper-sensitively-confidential. Based on my experience, sharing crucial stuff with other people can be really tricky. Believe me, when people you trust put you down to the bottom, it will break your heart into the smallest pieces.

Still, we have to keep the balance of whining and be positive. Too much whining will bore people. Too positive all the time will leave people a question mark Is he/she really that strong, or is he/she just being defensive? My friend Atiek and I share the same favorite pastime: observing people in that sense...

How about you?

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