Thursday, March 20, 2008


  • All children learn their native languages swiftly, efficiently, and largely without instruction.
  • Language operates by rules.
  • All languages have 3 major components: a sound system, a vocabulary, and a system of grammar.
  • Everyone speaks a dialect.*)
  • Speakers of all dialects employ a range of styles and a set of subdialects and jargon.
  • Language changes are normal.
  • Language is intimately related to the societies and individuals who use them.
  • Value judgments about different languages or dialects are a matter of taste.
  • Writing is a derivative of speech.
*)Dialects are different from accents. Accents include intonation and stressing. Dialects include pronunciation based on geographical aspect.


  1. Mba Ratih yang baik banget,
    Trims ya udah 'mamerin' si popon di 'omae' mba Raatje. Tapine, puisi yang "If I COuld..." iku bukan si popon sing nulis, mba. Trus, nama di sertipikat si popon takada (yamamura) unsur 'Caroline'.
    Maape (uhate) yo mba yo... Maturnuwun...

  2. Hey, sori baru baca Jeng. Iya, seharusnya Catherine yak. Maap *_^