Friday, August 22, 2008


As a food person and a big fan of Bondan Winarno, I often use eateries to let off steam. For my neighboring writers at LIA, it isn't strange at all to hear me scream We must go to bakmi this and that when we're through with this hell. Well, I don't always mean what I say for I sometimes say stupid things like We must eat tahu gimbal in Semarang when we're done with this! And who would be interested in going to Semarang amidst those deadlines?!

When we were working on the Encounter series in 2003, the atmosphere was horrible--we only had 2.5 months to write, edit, illustrate, layout, and print books 1 to 4! We were under a lot of pressure. We worked so hard and hardly ever slept. That time it was Bakmi Boy that crossed my mind, so I screamed Let's go to Bakmi Boy when this is over with! Then I realized Ibu Glokis was sitting beside me and got really interested with the idea. Then she started asking serious questions like Where is it? Why do you like it so much? What choices of menu do you have? etc.

Time passed by. We went to Bakmi Boy every so often. And for unpredictable reasons, Bu Glokis ALWAYS missed that! I feel guilty everytime Bu Glokis says Ratih, I don't think Bakmi Boy really exists!

Last week I got an email from Heddy, my former EA Project Officer who is now working for Pharos (and perhaps gets triple salary...LOL!) saying that he planned to take the whole group out to lunch at Bakmi Boy on Friday. I was glad. You see, it was a chance for me to prove to Bu Glokis that Bakmi Boy does exist.
My momma always said life's just like a box of chocolates--we never know what we're gonnat get says Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump. Heddy's children got ill and he couldn't leave home. He told me to cancel the reunion so I told the writers. But I didn't have the guts the break the news to Bu Glokis, so I ask Mukti, my EA Project Officer, to do it for me. Luckily, she said it was okay and she would order nasi Padang instead. Phew...
Still, she's teasing me Bakmi Boy doesn't exist! Ah, well...

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