Friday, September 12, 2008

Ebooks and Presentations

"The Art of Teacher Training"
The content of the book:
Approaching the issue
Gaining a rapport
Trainee-centred approach
Teacher development VS: teacher training
Reflective model
Critical thinking
Loop input
Awareness raising
Teaching observation
Course design
Teacher's project
Teacher's feedback

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"Three Models of Culture" 
(Power Point presentation at the 5th Pan-Asian Conference in Vladivostok, Russia, June 2004. For downloading CLICK HERE "Cognitive Approach to Vocabulary Teaching and Learning". Power Point presentation at the 10th NATE conference in Tambov (Russia), June, 2004. For downloading CLICK HERE

"Teaching Unsuccessful Learners as Potential Achievers"
This training pack for teachers is designed to explore the ways to teach unsuccessful learners of English as potential achievers.

The book discusses the types of problems that language learners can encounter in dealing with cognitive tasks. It also addresses a variaty of reasons for experiencing difficulties in language learning and suggests the ways to deal with these challenges.

The content of the material includes the following major points further subdivided in the book:
Individual differences in learners
Cognitive and learning styles
Learning disabilities
Learning environment
Success building approaches
References and further reading
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"Introducing Classroom Research for Teachers" 
For downloading the material "Introducing Classroom Research for Teachers", please click HERE

"How to Write Research Paper in ELT"
For downloading the material "How to Write a Research Paper in ELT", please click HERE

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