Wednesday, April 21, 2010

READING Series (One-Year English Program)

Each of the eight units in the Student Book for the Reading Class in One-Year English Program covers two lessons and two class projects, the latter consisting of one artwork project and one extensive reading assignmnet.  The lessons start with a pre-reading activity and are concluded with a post-reading exercise.  Lesson One in each unit covers the presentation of particular reading skills.  Difficult and new words are marked with an asterisk and are explained in the glossary at the end of each lesson.

The book contains the following appendices:
  • An artwork project form (to be filled out according to the teacher's directive)
  • Two kinds of extensive reading assignment report sheets
          NOTE:  The artwork project form and the extensive reading assignment report sheets are to be
          copied for classroom use.
  • A Word Indes:  a list of words the students are expected to learn and use appropriately.  The words are sorted alphabetically and are illustrated with examples.
Written by:
Gabriel Ferry Halim
Evi Sofiawati

Peer editors:
Efigenia Ismail, Heddy Triyana Putra, Rita Agustina Subowo, Shinta Harini

Jean Hamel, Michael John Kelley

Noni Rachman, Aisah Sulaeman, Vera Djuliarso, Efigenia Ismail

Gabriel Ferry Halim, Ratih Sumiratingratri

Gabriel Ferry Halim, Efigenia Ismail, Rita Agustina Subowo

Printed by:
PT Siwibakti Darma

Voice talents:
Heddy Triyana Putra, Jean Hamel, Michael John Kelley, Mukti Mulyana, Ratih Sumiratingratri, Yvonne C.J. Wotulo

Recorded and mixed by:
Hendi (Citra Studio)

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