Wednesday, April 21, 2010

STRUCTURE Series (One-Year English Program)

To comply with the demands of the changes that will inevitably come with globalization, LBPP-LIA has added a new program to its curriculum--One Year English Program.  This course has been specially designed for high school graduates and their counterparts who wish to develop their English competency to meet the challenges of either higher studies or first time employment.  Aside from sharpening the students' English language skills, the program's communicative as well as interactive approach incorporated in the fun activities presented in the books, is expected to contribute extensively to the learners' personal development.  Students will also benefit from additional instruction in Office English, Business Correspondence, Note Taking, and Microsoft Office.

In the Structure Series, all the materials explore the various intricacies of English grammar. Each book contains fourteen units, with each unit covering two to four lessons.  Although the focus of this book is on grammar, the four skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing) are incorporated in the activities.

Written by:
Shinta Harini
Febby Fahrani

Peer editors:
Efigenia Ismail, Gabriel Ferry Halim, Heddy Triyana Putra, Rita Agustina Subowo

Language consultants:
Paul Lincoln Hudson, Jean Hamel, Michael John Kelley

Senior editors:
Noni Rachman, Aisah Sulaeman, Vera Djuliarso, Anneke Senduk, Mathilde Tumenggung

Gabriel Ferry Halim, Shinta Harini

Gabriel Ferry Halim, Efigenia Ismail, Rita Agustina Subowo

Printed by:
PT Siwibakti Darma

Voice talents:
Heddy Triyana Putra, Jean Hamel, Michael John Kelley, Mukti Mulyana, Ratih Sumiratingratri, Yvonne C.J. Wotulo

Recorded and mixed by:
Hendi (Citra Studio)

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