Saturday, September 11, 2010

Idea Cookbook

Taken from:  Dave's ESL Cafe
  • Business English - idea on how to improve your company classes
  • Discipline - idea on how to keep your students in order
  • Food - idea on how you can use food for teaching ESL/EFL
  • For the Teacher - idea on how you can become a better teacher
  • Games - idea on how to have fun with your students
  • Grammar - idea on how to teach grammar
  • Group Formation - idea and activities on forming groups and pairs
  • Holidays - Holiday idea you can use in your classroom
  • Ice Breakers - idea on what to do on the first day of class
  • Internet - idea on how to use the Net with your students
  • Kids - idea for those teaching ESL/EFL to children
  • Listening - idea on how your students can improve their listening comprehension
  • Math - idea on how to teach math to your ESL/EFL students
  • Music - idea on how to use music in the classroom
  • Private Teaching - Tips on how to teach students one-to-one 
  • Pronunciation - idea on helping your students with their pronunciation
  • Reading - idea on how to help your students read
  • Software - idea on excellent computer software for you and your students
  • Speaking - idea on how to get your students talking
  • Spelling - idea on how to teach English spelling
  • Textbooks - idea on great ESL/EFL texts
  • Video - idea on how to use video in the classroom
  • Vocabulary - idea on how students can learn vocabulary 
  • Writing - idea on how to get your students writing

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